Eyewitness Accounts

Hear for yourself

Bringing exceptional brands and extraordinary people together is one of my life’s true passions. Sharing each client success a highlight. Our work is the catalyst. Although I believe it speaks for itself, nothing beats hearing first hand.

“I just talked to a planner who cited our ad as the reason she called.  We are now determining dates, and she’s visiting the lodge with her team.” 

– Sales Manager, Minnesuing Acres – A secluded corporate getaway and family retreat

“Demand, opportunities, and, asset growth, have become exponentially higher, over the time we have been working with Geoffrey Carlson Gage. It’s not by mistake.”

– Principal, The Prime Group – Commercial Real Estate Partners, Lenders, and Property Managers – For asset bases $10 Million and above

“You are a delight to work with. Love your style and conviction in doing what’s right, while delivering quality results that further your client’s business. How fortunate our brands to have you as a partner.”  

– Director, Beverage and Treat Concepts, Orange Julius of America, and, American Dairy Queen, Inc. – Food and Beverage, Restaurant Owners/Operators

“I consider Geoffrey Carlson Gage my biggest advocate and greatest business partner, and, you consistently back it up! Thanks for always being there, and growing our business.”

        – General Manager/Sales Director, Minnesuing Acres – A secluded corporate getaway and family retreat

“I just received this communication from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption, about our newly launched website that you created. Sentiments include, “I just looked at your website and it looks amazing”, and, “Very rarely do I read an entire website, but I just clicked through every word of yours.” Well done! I can’t thank you enough.

        Founder/President, Maestral International – Philanthropic Consulting and Investment Maximization

“We hired you because you get it! You understand us. And, we know you can help. In deed you have.”

        Founder/Principal, Envoi, LLC – A private family office serving a select group of families

“The name you created for our iPad app not only fits the product, it instantly connects, resonates, and inspires people to buy.

– Founder/CEO, MacSoft – Software and App development

“Thanks for your creative thinking and attention to detail. Making possible our desire to take a big step forward, and do it well.”

       – Associate Director, Benedictine Center of St. Paul’s Monastery

“I’m really excited about the e-mail positioning and reminder campaign. We had a higher amount of online gifts last week, and, we definitely want to do more.”

       – Assistant Director – Stewardship and Communication, University of St. Thomas Development Office

“Thank you for the incredible work completely overhauling the Karmelkorn site. It’s a 180 degree improvement from where we were.

– Director of Concept Marketing, Orange Julius of America and American Dairy Queen Corporation

“We’ve received countless positive comments on our new Website. The most common being how easy it is to get around. Thanks again. Your skills are much appreciated!

       – General Manager, Cinequipt – Professional grade video equipment rental, sales, and studio

“We could not be more pleased with your outstanding work. You asked great questions, listened carefully to the answers, and your concepts absolutely captured what we are about. The response has been fantastic, and we received great value. Particularly appreciated is your professional, responsive, and open culture. A first rate experience in absolutely all respects.

       – Founder, President, Maestral International – Philanthropic Consulting and Investment Maximization

“I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you profusely for your effort on the new Orange Julius website! We launched a fun, brand-right Orange-Julius website, and, I’m hearing positive accolades from everyone – due to your talent, dedication, and hard work. Thank you for doing your part!”

       – Marketing Manager Mall Division, Orange Julius of America and American Dairy Queen, Inc. – Food, Beverage, Restaurant Owner/Operator

“I LOVE your work! You did a fantastic job! The materials truly represent the essence of the Lodge!!”

– V.P. Sales & Marketing, Carlson Hotels and Resorts – Managed Hotels

“You took all of my suggestions, and turned them into a beautiful, user-friendly Website… one which I know will help me sell the Lodge! The Flash intro in particular, is a wonderful sales tool that brings people directly into the heart our lodge wherever they are. Thank you for a job well done!”

– Sales Manager, Minnesuing Acres – Secluded corporate getaway and family retreat

“My socks are knocked off! I am extremely impressed. I especially like the new password you created for the “Buy It” page. The new it is clever and memorable. Additionally, the way you tracked everything using the list you created, checking things off as we progressed, is outstanding communication and closure!! Exceptional work! Look forward to more!

– Author/Business Speaker, Executive Mentor,  – Books, business publications, professional presentations, and workshops

“You captured the essence of our business, effectively helping us identify and position ourselves uniquely in the niche we serve. You translated it accordingly into a website that truly represents who we are.  I am extremely proud of our new website, believing it a positive reflection of our brand. Additionally, your team was amazing to work with, successfully streamlining, and, greatly simplifying an otherwise complex process!”

       – Founder, President, Centera – Executive Search, Coaching, and Consulting

“Sincerest gratitude. You have been an invaluable resource in the development and ongoing management of our recently transformed and launched, dynamic, content-driven website. Additionally, you have engaged and driven traffic to the site, and, enhanced our outreach efforts via Facebook, Twitter, etc. You have taken our complete brand experience to another level. We are extremely pleased with the results, and highly recommend you to anyone in the market for creative solutions and outstanding service.”

– Founder, Owner, Reinsurance Services Company – Reinsurance provider

“Thank you so much for your patience. We’re extremely happy with the outcome of your work! We just received all of the materials, and, they look great. We look forward to working on more projects. In fact, I will be contacting you later today with requests for some additional work.”

– Forestry Program Associate, Rainforest Alliance – Sustainability Program provider