The Brief

Thought provoking insight for branding and life…

The story is the same only the time has changed – G

To achieve a perfect end, you often need write yourself out of the script. – G

All the competition needs to win is you doing nothing. – G

“Go to hell. And enjoy it!” – Father Ambrose Mahon

No one more Irish. Never a better friend! – G

You rarely miss anything by slowing down – G

You can’t manufacture a brand. It’s much more about identifying, realizing, and, drawing out. Than creating, calling out, and, bringing in. – G



A Bit of Advice

As a young writer, I was fortunate to have people who cared, shared, and, were willing to provide invaluable insight, guidance, and advice. I will pass some along from time to time. In hopes it will prove as valuable for you, as it has for me. “To become a truly great writer,” a cohort once […]

We all have to age but no one has to get old. – G

Infinite wisdom doesn’t make immediate sense. – G

Youthful spirit? Old soul? You decide. – G